Do It! Play Recorder

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Do It! Play Recorder
Do It! Play Recorder

This spectacular book and the accompanying audio recordings are by three of today's best music educators, and it contains everything you need to play the recorder!
• The audio recordings cover all the basics: tone quality, intonation, tempo, melody, rhythm, style of articulation and phrasing, and expressive nuance.
• Enhanced content on the audio recordings helps with music reading and writing skills.
• Live musicians provide authentic accompaniments—classic and contemporary styles.
• Song repertoire surveys musical styles of the world. Music of the Americas includes U.S. folk, jazz, country western, bluegrass, honkytonk, spiritual, blues, gospel, rock-and-roll, jazz waltz, country swing, jazz ballad, Mexican folk, and reggae. Music of other times includes 12th-century conductus, 15th-century Dance of the Boufons, 16th-century French branle, 18th and 19th-century folk songs and dances, and 1940s and ’50s jazz, blues, and rock-and-roll. Music of the world includes folk songs and dances of England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Scandinavia, Israel, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Russia.
• There are lots of helpful photos.
• The format allows students progress at their own pace.
• Discover improvisation! Explore call and response techniques and other styles.
• The book includes the “You Can Look It Up” music dictionary.
• Theme-and-variation format allows easy and challenging versions of material to be performed simultaneously; special projects allow students to set individual goals.
• Teacher’s Resource Guide with integrated rhythmic flashcard pattern reading, integrated melodic flashcard pattern reading, extended accompaniments for group improvisation, extensive cross-referencing indexes, and suggested resources for teaching to the National Standards.
Categories: Band Orchestra, Method
Number of Pages: 48
Language: English
Format: Softcover
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