Director Workshop | Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Heid Music Appleton | 308 E College Ave

Morning Sessions

10:00 AM | Check-In

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Presentation by Chris Gleason - Fine Arts Coordinator for the State of Wisconsin

Everyone Loves A Good Story: How To Use Storytelling In Your Teaching - Stories have deep meaning in our society. Studies show that students (and adults) listen to and remember the stories we tell. Storytelling can be used in our classrooms to effectively engage our students. Storytelling can also be used to advocate for our discipline and classrooms. This session will reveal the key components to a great narrative and how to construct everything from TED presentations to elevator pitches.


12:00 - 12:45 PM | Provided by Heid Music


Afternoon Sessions


Presentation by Chris Gleason - Fine Arts Coordinator for the State of Wisconsin

Music, Talent and the Brain –Are some students more talented than others? What is talent and what is skill? What can we control? What is more important: the length of practice or the quality of practice?  This session will outline the principles/concepts set forth by Daniel Coyle's book "The Talent Code". The presentation will include information about Myelin, it's role in developing skill, and how it can be increased. The three keys of success: Deep Practice, Ignition, and Master Teaching will be shared as well as real examples of how this information has been used in a middle school band program.


Creative Engagment-Becoming an Ambassador For Your Program

Learn how community engagement can take your program to the next level! Hosted by Heid Music Marketing.


Breakout Sessions

- Maintaining Your Orchestra Inventory From The Bottom Up!

Learn tips and tricks on how to keep your inventory in top playing condition. Hosted by Andy Hutchinson and Harry Ballard.

- Tim "PAIN" i and Marching Percussion! What a Headache!

Learn the ins and outs of timpani and marching percussion repair with Adam LeGrave.


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