Denver Sonatina

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This attractive sonatina is not only a delight to hear, but a joy to play.
With his feet firmly planted in late-18th century sonata form, the composer integrates mid-19th-century harmonies to create a refreshing and masterful tribute to this ever-important genre. The Denver Sonatina is in two movements: the first movement in sonata-allegro form and the second in rondo form. It is specially designed for intermediate level students (comparable in difficulty to the Clementi Sonatinas Op. 36, Nos. 2 and 3) and has only very few reaches to the octave. 
The name "Denver" has no musical connotations; rather, the piece is named for the location of its premiere.
Edition Number: GP439
ISBN 10 digit: 084976369X
ISBN 13 digit: 9780849763694
Level/Grade: Intermediate
Composer: Keith Snell
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