Denis Wick Trombone Straight Mute

sku# BDW5505
Front view of Denis Wick Trombone Straight Mute
Front view of Denis Wick Trombone Straight Mute


Denis Wick aluminum mutes are all handmade using hand-spun, high quality aluminum. Unlike machine-spun aluminum, the hand spinning process creates a higher density that is extra responsive and provides these mutes with their signature sound. The shape of this trombone straight mute creates perfect intonation and helps increase projection. Denis Wick offers a range of trombone mutes to suit all players and playing situations.

British-made, Denis Wick mutes are acclaimed worldwide for their sound quality and intonation in all dynamic ranges, plus superb workmanship.


  • High purity spun aluminum
  • Scotchbrite finished
  • Bright silver anodised
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