DEG Trombone-Euphonium Shank Adapter

Shank Adapter
Shank Adapter


These little adapter sleeves allow you to fit a smaller shank mouthpiece into a larger instrument receiver.  These are an OK inexpensive solution.  You'll get the best performance from your instrument if you have the correct mouthpiece for it.  But with mouthpieces costing what they do, if you need this setup occasionally or you're on a strict budget, there's nothing wrong with trying it and it's a great quick fix.
This is for those unusual euphoniums and odd instruments with that medium sized Euro shank.  They don't fit a either a large or small shank trombone mouthpiece.  Problem instruments may include vintage Besson euphoniums and some Willson euphoniums.  The popular Willson 2900 is an example.  You might use this adapter because medium shank mouthpieces can be difficult to find, but Schilke, Josef Klier and others will make most any mouthpiece in this shank size.
These are silver plated brass with a knurled ring at the top, tapered to fit snugly.  Some mouthpieces will extend slightly further out using these adapters.
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