Dampit 1st Joint Clarinet/Oboe Humidifier

sku# BPITCL1
Dampit 1st Joint Clarinet/Oboe Humidifier
Dampit 1st Joint Clarinet/Oboe Humidifier



Dampit has been protecting wood instruments for over 40 years. Long-lasting and easy to use. The Dampit is made of the finest materials. With proper care your Dampit will give you years of good service without needing frequent replacement.

  • The Original Dampit Clarinet/Oboe Humidifier
  • Helps Maintain Tuning and Beautiful Tone
  • Quality Humidity Gauge and Instructions Included
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BPITCL2 Protect your instrument from dry conditions with this easy-to-use humidifier. Dampit


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