Conn 88HO Symphony F-Attachment Trombone - Rose Brass Bell

C.G. Conn 88HO Symphony Series Step-Up Tenor Trombone with F Attachment
C.G. Conn 88HO Symphony Series Step-Up Tenor Trombone with F Attachment


The Conn 88HO Symphony Series Step-Up Tenor Trombone is an updated take on the longest produced symphonic trombone in history, the legendary Conn 88H.  A perfect fit for the modern professional or advancing student, the Conn 88HO features the original bore dimensions of the original 88H, but adds an open wrap F attachment and bell taper designed to maximize airflow and projection.  In fact, the 88HO has won overwhelming acclaim for its evenness of sound, excellent response, and flexibility of performance.

Conn 88HO Symphony Series Trombone Features:

  • Ships Free from

  • Open Wrap F Attachment for increased airflow

  • 0.547" Primary Bore/ 0.562" F Attachment Bore  - just like the original Conn 88H

  • Rose Brass Finish

  • Bach 5G Mouthpiece Included

  • 7552C Case Included

Why Step-Up? As a musicians' skills become more advanced, their instruments need to do the same.  Step-Up Instruments (also called Intermediate Instruments) are designed with the professional features an advancing player needs, but on an instrument that can be purchased at a manageable price. These instruments are an ideal choice for progressing young students in need of an instrument that can meet their developing needs through high school, college, and often, beyond.

Why Heid? All band instruments at Heid Music are professionally inspected & approved for quality by the esteemed Heid Music Repair Team. All band instruments (from even the finest brands) can be subject to small inconsistencies & manufacturing residues that can affect how the instrument plays.  We take the time to inspect & address every item so that the instrument you receive is not just brand new - it's better than brand new.


  • Level: Step-Up/Professional

  • Key: Bb/F

  • Leadpipe: Fixed

  • Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass

  • Bore: 0.547"/ 0.562"

  • Bell: 8.5" Rose Brass

  • F Attachment Wrap: Open

  • F Attachment Valve: Standard Rotor

  • Mouthpiece Shank: Large

  • Mouthpiece: Conn 5G

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