CodaBow Luma 4/4 Viola Bow

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CodaBow Luma Viola Bow
CodaBow Luma Viola Bow
  • CodaBow Luma Viola Bow
  • CodaBow Luma Viola Bow
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  • CodaBow Luma Viola Bow
  • CodaBow Luma Viola Bow


The Coda Luma viola bow is the ideal solution for any player seeking a highly-maneuverable bow offering a full spectrum of sounds. 
A few grams lighter than it's Coda Bow Diamond companions, the Luma is inspired by the strong, light facility and the rich tonality of bows by Voirin, Lamy, and Thomassin.  Coda Bows tribute to history's pioneering makers and a testament to modern bow design.
The Coda Luma viola bow offers a light touch with a weight of  67.5 grams and quick response while still delivering layered sound. The Coda Bow Luma accesses new frontiers for a wide range of styles including Bluegrass, Jazz, and Classical players alike. The Luma complements the traditional bows in a player's case.


Coda Luma viola bow has a round carbon graphite stick with Kevlar core, fully lined silver mounted Xebony frog, three-part adjuster, silver winding and leather grip. Made in U.S.A.
Brand:  CodaBow
Model:  Luma
Size: 4/4 (14-17" Vla)
Shape: Round
Composition: Carbon Fiber
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