Cannonball Mio Bflat Clarinet

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Clarinet, Cannonball, Mio Bflat
Clarinet, Cannonball, Mio Bflat
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Mio® Clarinets represent a new, innovative design with a focus on traditional feel and sound. In consultation with symphony musicians, educators, and other professional clarinetists, we designed Mio® Clarinets to exceed the demands of even the most discriminating musicians. Mio® Clarinets are the epitome of superior pitch, resonance, vibrancy, and response, as well as a beautiful, rich, and centered tone.


The top of the line MC 8 professional Clarinet comes standard with:
  • Grenadilla wood body, bell and barrels
  • Silver-plated, nickel-silver keys
  • Two Grenadilla barrels; 65mm and 66mm
  • Left-Hand Ab/Eb Lever
  • Right-Hand C#/G# trill extension
  • Vented tone holes (pat pen)
  • Leather pads
  • Adjustment screws for low F/E pads
  • Threaded and glued metal endcaps
  • Ergonomically improved keys
  • Adjustable thumb rest with neck strap hook
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