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Buying Instruments for Worship

Buying Instruments for Worship

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Initial Considerations

No matter the type of piano, a house of worship should strive to invest in a professional quality instrument. Pianos built for professional use, whether acoustic or digital, are designed to fill the space with beautiful tone, hold up to advanced play and rigorous use, for the greatest longevity. In our experience, these top considerations are the most helpful in determining the perfect options for your space.

  1. Where in the church will the piano be used? Think about if the piano needs to fill a large sanctuary or a small chapel. Will it be on the first floor or in a loft?
  2. Will it primarily be used as a piano, or will it also serve as the organ? Contemplate your current and future accompanists and musicians in regard to their skills and endeavors.
  3. What type of music is primarily performed? Will you be performing traditional hymns, contemporary & alternative arrangements, or something more modern?
  4. Are there environmental concerns? It is important to evaluate how your space fluctuates with heat & humidity, as this can greatly dictate which kind of piano is best suited for your environment.
  5. Are there visual aesthetics in regards to the space in which the piano will play a role? More traditional houses of worship may require a more traditional aesthetic in terms of the instruments being played.

Types of Pianos

Once you have taken the time to consider the piano’s main uses and the space it will serve, it’s time to explore the different piano options suitable for those needs.

Digital Pianos

Digital pianos allow for creativity in sound combinations often found in contemporary or alternative settings, while still providing the accompanist with a rich and natural sound. Furthermore, they often have organ voices to accommodate a very traditional service setting. These pianos usually feature weighted & graded piano touch, and many feature wood keys, as well as the ability to record and transpose music.

Digital pianos are suitable for large or small spaces, as most are lightweight- typically around 150 lbs. One major benefit with digitals is that there is no need to worry about tuning the instrument, or worry about large temperature fluctuations in the environment. This makes them a good option for a space without air conditioning or proper climate control. Digital pianos typically have a span of 15 years in a worship setting.

Heid Music Recommends

CLP 785

Ensemble Digital Pianos

Ensemble digital pianos allow for advanced creativity in both sound and style and are suitable for contemporary, alternative, or even special event settings. These pianos provide the accompanists with the piano quality found in the stand digital models, but contain unique recording features with assignable buttons for advanced function and pre-sets.

Furthermore, ensemble digital pianos feature professional built-in accompaniment options. “Sound Banks” allow multiple accompanists to choose their preferred settings and save them to the instrument. They also have multiple organ voices that meet the need of any genre, style, or piece of music, and come equipped with button and touchscreen technology for a user-friendly experience.

Suitable for large or small spaces, these pianos are robust and durable and are often around 200 lbs. Like digital pianos, there are no tuning needs and no risk of humidity or temperature exposure. This makes them another good option for a space without any climate control. Ensemble digital pianos also have a typical span of 15 years in a worship setting.

Heid Music Recommends

CVP 809

Acoustic Grand Piano

A very popular choice in larger houses of worship, acoustic grand pianos fill the space with true, traditional piano sound, making this option timeless. Ranging in sizes from 5 to 9 feet, grand pianos have a full and rich presence that thrives in large, open rooms. This makes them an ideal instrument for accompanying choirs and large congregations.

Grand pianos have a typical lifespan of 30-50 years in a regular worship setting, and they require regular tuning and maintenance.

Heid Music Recommends

The Yamaha C1X Grand Piano features a thickened back frame for improved support, providing a rich, resonant tone. The new soundboard resonates with the emotions of the performer, and the revolutionary new music wire offers beautiful sustain and harmony. It is a design that unifies the piano with pianist, a continuing trait in the legacy of the CF Series.

Acoustic Upright Pianos

The sound that acoustic upright pianos output may be less full than that of grand pianos, but it is undeniable that they still provide a true, traditional piano sound. This makes them perfectly suited for smaller, more confined or condensed spaces such as chapels and practice areas.

Due to their smaller size and profile, acoustic upright pianos can easily accommodate a loft or balcony space. These pianos have a typical span of 30-50 years in a regular worship setting, and require regular tuning and maintenance.

Heid Music Recommends

With the Yamaha P22 Upright Acoustic Piano, players will enjoy a rich, resonant voice with a responsive touch and the exceptional tone Yamaha is known for. The durable P22 is ideal for everyday use and has been the clear choice for schools, studios, religious institutions and even the home.

Alternative Piano Usage: Stage Pianos

While acoustic and digital pianos are typically the best and most reliable options for the church and worship setting, there are times when a secondary piano-type instrument might be a better option. Stage pianos can successfully serve for worship purposes when these events and needs arise. Stage pianos feature the same 88 weighted keys the pianist needs, but without the furniture style cabinet.

Outdoor Worship

Stage pianos are lighter and easier to transition from indoor storage to outdoor service and back again once service has commenced. This alleviates worry about damage to the dedicated “full-time” instrument housed indoors. Stage pianos are smaller, and can be placed in a protective case, making it easier to store away when not in use.

Praise Band Style Performance

With the ability to be played while standing, stage pianos are perfect for the standards held by most band-type groups. Their mobility allows for movement and stage presence, and the piano won’t take up permanent space on the performance stage when not in use.

Community & Off-Site Events

Stage pianos are lighter and easier to set-up and transport for weddings and other outdoor worship events. This allows church pianists more flexibility in outreach and off-site programming, ensuring that music and worship can be incorporated more readily and often.

Heid Music Recommends

For more than 30 years, the Roland RD-88 Stage Piano has been the choice for professional keyboardists and has appeared on stages around the world. It is a lighter option that is a more accessible and affordable instrument. Roland keyboards feature an Ivory feel piano-touch for world-class playability, and boasts an easy-to-use interface that is optimized for performance. Better yet, it comes with three zones with external control and Apple MainStage integration.

Accessories & Services

When considering a church’s investment in any instrument, it’s also important to select the proper equipment and services. This further ensures the piano’s protection and accessibility, as well as its ability to be an engaging worship tool for the congregation, especially the musicians and leaders who utilize it regularly.

Professional Delivery

It is important to protect your piano’s integrity and safety when in transit from the showroom floor to its final resting place. This reduces the potential of damage to church property or injury to church staff.

Lighting & Piano Lamps

Proper lighting assists accompanists in reading music pages accurately and successfully. This can contribute to ambience in low-light and Tenebrae services.

Sound Systems & Amplification

Digital pianos & keyboards may need additional speakers or cables depending on the church space’s current sound system. Likewise, acoustic pianos may need additional microphone set-ups for larger spaces.

Piano Dollies

Dollies make moving the instrument around the designated space easier, and provide the ability to move it to other areas of the church if needed.

Piano Covers

Piano covers provide protection when the instrument is not in use, keeping it in pristine condition and extending its life.

Environmental Control & Humidifiers

Tools for environmental protection may be recommended by your piano tuner or technician depending on the environment the instrument will live in. Dampp-Chaser products like the Dampp Chaser Humidifier Treatment are some of the more popular options when considering humidification control.

Why Choose Heid Music?

Since 1948 Heid Music has been dedicated to supporting our spiritual communities while providing the finest in high quality instruments. Our passion for sharing musical knowledge with our neighbors has only continued to evolve ever since. We are proud to mentor and guide our partners far beyond our showroom.

A Consultative Approach

Heid Music’s piano specialists strive to communicate and educate all parties throughout the dreaming, looking, information gathering, and buying processes – you are never alone or without support – you’ll always have an advocate. Specialists make recommendations based on past experience, your desires and needs, as well as budget.

The experts at Heid Music will consult with outside resources as necessary to ensure your house of worship gets the best, most accurate information and service, ensuring that nothing is missed in the “checklist” of topics and items to consider. Our team strives to go beyond the sale to build a lasting relationship with ongoing support and guidance for any needs or thoughts that arise after initial delivery. Whether you have questions regarding warranties, repair or maintenance questions or general concerns, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact at Heid Music.

Inventory Analysis

The piano specialists at Heid Music are ready to serve by coming onsite to your church campus and evaluating your piano inventory. We then provide a complimentary inventory analysis, a custom document that outlines the specific condition and needs of your organization. This informative document can serve your church in a number of ways, including:

  • Record-keeping for insurance purposes
  • Maintenance planning support
  • Prioritized plan for replacement and ongoing worship needs


Our piano specialists have worked with numerous church fundraising programs, giving Heid Music a variety of different strategies and approaches to bring to the table. We can help formulate a fundraising road map to ensure your congregation obtains an instrument they love and cherish for years ahead. Heid Music can even assist in shortening the longevity of fundraising, allowing your church to obtain a new piano faster.

Whether you need assistance with picking out a new piano for your congregation or are looking to collaborate on budgeting solutions that also support the alignment of your desired musical aspirations, the experts at Heid Music are here to help! Contact us today to get started.