Buffet R13 Clarinet (Silver-Plated Keys)

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Buffet R13 Silver Plated Key Clarinet
Buffet R13 Silver Plated Key Clarinet


The Legendary Choice of Professionals was created in 1955 by Robert Carrée and is the most popular professional clarinet in the world. Its tone is focused and rich, and it is powerful in all registers.
Its flexibility lends itself to all repertoires: symphonies or chamber music, soloists, teachers, military bands, students or amateurs.
Key: Bb
Tuning: 440 Hz
Body: Stained Grenadilla wood
Bore: Poly-cylindrical
Bell: Prestige
Tenons: Metal-capped
Keys: 17
Rings: 6
Thumb Rest: Adjustable
Eb/Ab Lever: Standard
Keywork: Silver-plated
Keywork and Mechanics: Forged keys, copper and silver
Springs: Blue steel
Pads: Bladder
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