Best of In Recital Solos - Book 2

sku# FJH2243



Level: Primary Class III

Book 2 includes 12 sensational selections–ten original pieces including blues, rags, and Latin styles by Kevin Olson, Edwin McLean, and Robert Schultz. Original pieces by Christopher Goldston, Mary Leaf, and Elizabeth Greenleaf also add to the mix. There is even one folk song and one classical piece. New musical concepts are introduced such as tied notes, legato and staccato articulations, accents and first and second endings. Most pieces call for limited hands-together playing. Students play in a variety of keys using accidentals instead of key signatures.

Composer:  Various 
Instrument:  Piano 
Level:  Elementary 
Series:  Best of In Recital Solos 
Voicing:  Solo 
Editor:  Helen Marlais 
Subject:  Original Music for Piano 
ISBN-13:  978-1-61928-098-4 
Barcode:  674398232390