Best of In Recital Solos - Book 1

sku# FJH2242


Level: Primary Class 1

Best of In Recital Solos

Composer:  Various 
Instrument:  Piano 
Level:  Early Elementary 
Series:  Best of In Recital Solos 
Voicing:  Solo 
Editor:  Helen Marlais 
Subject:  Original Music for Piano 
Book 1 features 13 pieces: eight original solos, three folk tunes, and two classical arrangements. There is a wide-range of styles: lyrical pieces from Melody Bober, Mary Leaf, and Elizabeth Greenleaf; a rag from Jason Sifford; a jazz piece from Christopher Goldston; and a gospel number from Edwin McLean. Some have optional duet parts. Free downloadable recordings assist in preparation and serve as a motivational tool.
ISBN-13:  978-1-61928-097-7 
Barcode:  674398232383