Bassoon Concerto in Bb Major, K. 191 by W.A. Mozart

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K 191 Cover
K 191 Cover


Often lauded as the greatest figure in Western music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer of the Classical era. Though his life was short, Mozart composed an impressive amount of works in his 35 years. As a child prodigy, Mozart excelled in both playing and composing music. In his compositional career, Mozart wrote music across all genres of music, from operas such as “Don Giovanni” to sacred works such as his famous “Requiem", which he never finished. He is also incredibly well known for his concertos for various instruments. The Basson Concerto in Bb Major is the only concerto that Mozart wrote for this instrument. Written in 1774 when Mozart was only 18, this work has gone on to be one of the most influential in the Bassoon repertoire and remains a staple for bassoonists to this day. 

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