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  • Baritone & Case
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  • EASE & FLEXIBILITY - Exchange, upgrade or return your rental baritone at any time.
  • BEST SELECTION - Teacher-approved instruments from trusted manufacturers.
  • STABILITY - Rental fees will NEVER INCREASE during your rental and your plan will not change.
  • SUPERIOR SERVICE - Our renowned Service Team inspects every baritone and rental customers are first priority in our Service Department. Our Music Enthusiasts are available to support you on your musical journey.
  • NO WORRIES PROTECTION - No hassle Maintenance & Repair plan ($5/mo) protects against ANYTHING that affects the playing condition of your instrument. This required plan includes an annual cleaning and tune-up.





*Timeline to ownership varies based on value of instrument.

Heid Music's Instrument Replacement Plan (IRP) is your peace of mind plan.

Optional IRP provides FULL REPLACEMENT of your instrument with one of like value in the event of fire, theft, or irreparable accidental damage. Instrument values can range in price from $500 to $3,300. This optional plan provides full peace-of-mind coverage.

*IRP cost does not apply toward the purchase price of the instrument.

STUDENT INSTRUMENT REPLACEMENT PLAN (IRP): The monthly rate for IRP coverage is $3.00, due on the monthly payment date and applies to the current month only. IRP coverage will continue as long as payments under this agreement do not fall into arrears. Under this plan, Heid Music guarantees to replace the instrument with one of comparable age and condition if the instrument is lost through theft, fire or irreparable damage. Notification of the theft must be made to the proper authorities and Heid Music within 10 days of occurrence or the replacement guarantee will be void and signer will be liable for payment in full of the outstanding balance due under this agreement. Purchase of the Student Instrument Replacement Plan is voluntary. If signer has declined this plan and instrument is lost through theft, fire or irreparable damage, he/she will be liable for full value of the instrument and case contents.


RENT TO OWN IT: 100% of monthly rental payments apply to purchase.* Quality new and like-new instruments. Your plan and pricing are guaranteed for as long as you rent.

RENT IT: Rent monthly for as long as you desire. Quality used instruments. When you decide to upgrade, simply call or visit us to convert to a Rent to Own It or an Intermediate Plan.*

*Timeline to ownership varies based on value of instrument.



$49.00 - $73.00 Monthly Payment
After initial payment, a Instrument Rental Charge and $5.00 Maintenance & Repair fee will apply monthly.
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