Band Education

Be a Part of the Band


Parent Interview

Surround your student with good friends, powerful relationships, great teachers and fun experiences. Give your student the opportunity to grow in the band An Experience.

Student Interview

All my friends are doing it. I didn't know anything - my teacher taught me everything. Now I can make cool sounds, it's so much fun!

The band is broken down into sections below. The following videos will introduce you to each instrument in the band.

Meet the Woodwinds

Alto Sax

The woodwind family consists of the flute where air is blown over the "Lip plate" much like blowing air over the top of a pop bottle.

The clarinet and alto sax are single reed instruments, they require a reed to play. The reed vibrates as air passes it. 


Brass instruments make a sound by buzzing your lips into the mouthpiece of the instrument.


*If you would like to play the Euphonium or Tuba, check with your band teacher, the school may have an instrument you can use!

The Rest

The following instruments are also in the band, but check with your teacher to find out when and how you can start these instruments in your school music program.

Double Reeds

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