Backun Vocalise Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece - Z Extremely Open/Long

Backun Z Clarinet
Backun Z Clarinet

Your clarinet mouthpiece is the most important accessory in your case. That’s why Backun has invested in industry leading multi-axis machining technology, research and development, and craftsmanship. The result is a series of mouthpieces, and a playing experience, beyond expectation.
Designed for all ages and experience levels, the Vocalise Series of B♭ mouthpieces features a model for every player and occasion, all of which belong in your clarinet case. Complex resonance at a reasonable price.
Z Model Bb - Extremely Open/Long
The Vocalise Z was developed to meet the needs of artists who prefer mouthpieces with a larger facing, while offering significant volume and projection. With a robust tone reminiscent of more current European models, the Z is Extremely Open/Long, with ample cushion for those who want a bold and unyielding tone.
Washing Instructions: We recommend you wash your mouthpieces with warm water and mild dishwashing soap and then air dry it on a clean cloth. In classroom and group situations, we recommend the use of the Red Sterisol cleaner for its proven capability to clean, deodorize and sanitize mouthpieces. 
Please do not immerse your mouthpieces in, or clean your mouthpieces with, isopropyl, or other members of the hydroxyl group of products. 
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