Bach 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece (351-7C)

sku# B3517C
Bach 351-7C 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece
Bach 351-7C 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece

The Bach 7C is arguably the most popular trumpet mouthpiece in the world.  Find out why.

The Vincent Bach 7C is a medium cup mouthpiece with a well rounded edge, a rim lowered to the outside, and known for its perfect grip.  The Bach 7C produces a brilliant, clear tone capable of floating above or cutting through the sound of any ensemble. A favorite of advanced players with a fine-tuned embouchure, the 7C is also a popular choice for students in need of a mouthpiece with a smaller diameter.  Developed by acclaimed soloist and accomplished mechanical engineer Vincent Bach.

The cup diameter of the Bach 7C is smaller than that of the Bach 5C and Bach 3C.

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