Bach 3415GGR Trombone Mouthpiece - Gold Rim

sku# B3415GGR
Bach 3415GGR Trombone Mouthpiece - Gold Rim
Bach 3415GGR Trombone Mouthpiece - Gold Rim



Bach Gold Rim Series mouthpieces feature a gold plated rim and cup with silver plated outside cup and shank. The gold plated rim and cup offer a warmer sound and player comfort without the expense of a completely gold plated mouthpiece. These mouthpieces are available in the most popular Bach mouthpiece sizes.
  • Model:  5G
  • Cup:  Deep
  • Diameter: 25.50mm
  • Rim:  Medium wide, semi-flat
  • Throat: .276”
  • Backbore:  429
Same rim shape and diameter as No. 5 small shank tenor semi-flat. trombone. Similar playing characteristics to No. 4G with a slightly smaller cup diameter.  
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