At the Zoo - Book 2

sku# FJH2315


Level: Primary Class III

What child doesn’t want to visit the zoo? In this second book, each of the ten titles describes an animal. Whether it’s lyrical pieces such as The Graceful Swan and The Beautiful Flamingo, or humorous pieces like The Funny Chimpanzee and The Bouncing Kangaroo, the music in this collection is sure to have a motivating appeal to young children. Most pieces are positional (two with an optional duet) in the keys of C, F, G major and A, D minor.


Composer:  Kevin Costley 
Instrument:  Piano 
Level:  Elementary 
Series:  Composers In Focus 
Voicing:  Solo 
Subject:  Original Music for Piano 
ISBN-13:  978-1-61928-240-7 
Barcode:  241444 39496