Armstrong Model 104 Student Flute (Standard)

sku# BFLSAR104
 Armstrong Model 104 Student Flute
 Armstrong Model 104 Student Flute


The classic Armstrong 104 closed-hole model is ideal for beginning students. Played and recommended for generations, this model is the first choice in the American tradition for learning the flute.


  • This silver-plated model includes a progressive-style headjoint, which flute teachers have chosen for its crisp response and ease of playing.
  • Signature flat key cups prevent air leakage.
  • Heavy plating and sturdy mechanism will assure that your student will play this model for years to come.
  • The offset G mechanism is hung on a separate rod, allowing a sturdy mechanism.


  • Keys: Silver-plated
  • Arm: Y arm
  • Footjoint: C foot
  • Tubing: Silver-plated
  • Springs: Beryllium
  • Pads: Double Skin Pisoni
  • Adjusting Screws: Under Mount
  • Headjoint: Progressive style embouchure cut
  • .016 wall tubing
  • Body: .018 wall tubing


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