Aquarian 20" Superkick II Clear Drum Head

sku# DSKII20
Aquarian 20" Superkick II Clear Drum Head
Aquarian 20" Superkick II Clear Drum Head


The Aquarian Super Kick II (SKII) Bass Drumhead uses Two-7mil plies of NEW BRITE drumhead film and features Aquarian's patented "Floating Muffling System".
The attached narrow felt muffle ring moves and "breathes" with the drumhead and reduces annoying overtones while enhancing the low-end frequencies with a well-defined punchy sound. Aquarian’s “multi-ply vacuum molding process” makes the two 7mil plies act as one-ply to add punch, clarity, and a pure tone. The durable SKII creates just the right balance between resonance control and a “big bass drum sound.
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