Alfred's Teach Yourself to Play Piano Book / DVD Combo Pack

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Alfred Teach yourself piano book dvd
Alfred Teach yourself piano book dvd


Open up a brand new world of musical knowledge with Teach Yourself to Play Piano from Alfred. Beginners of all ages can start their journey to a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Beginning with the fundamentals, you will learn about how to sit at the piano, fingerings, the keyboard’s layout, and getting acquainted with standard musical notation. You will then move right along to playing different notes, scales, chords and songs, lesson by lesson, key by key, all while continuing to increase your ever-growing knowledge of reading and understanding standard musical notation. You will learn to play in an array of musical styles, including Pop, Blues, Classical, Folk, Hymns Spirituals, and Ragtime.

The accompanying DVD provides on-screen scrolling music, MP3 play-along tracks for every example, and iPod*-compatible video files. This helpful feature will assist in understanding the concepts with more ease and efficiency.

Be your own teacher, and let Alfred be your resource every step of the way.

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ISBN 10: 4939033996
ISBN 13: 9784939033995

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