Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course 1 w/Audio

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Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course 1 w/Audio
Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course 1 w/Audio

Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course is a fun method that teaches you to play songs on the guitar right away. Each lesson on every colorful page is explained in plain language that's easy to understand, and accompanying audio that you can stream or download online is included so you can hear what each example should sound like. Plus, you get to learn from three irresistible guitar experts---a clever, classical dog, one cool jazz cat, and a friendly alligator who loves the blues. They draw attention to what's important on each page and help you learn by making music fun! Parents can be effective guides to help you through this course, even if they've never had any musical training themselves. 
Get ready to take your first and best step toward a lifetime of musical enjoyment!
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