Alfred's Basic Guitar Method 4

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Alfred's Basic Guitar Method 4, Cover
Alfred's Basic Guitar Method 4, Cover

Alfred's Basic Guitar Method has expanded into a library, including theory, chord study, play-alongs and more. This best-selling method teaches the basics in a logical sequence, with concise and complete information that is easily accessible to students. Numerous chord diagrams and fingering photos help students quickly learn how to read music and play chords. Exciting music arranged in pop, rock, blues, country and folk styles makes learning to play the guitar an enjoyable and life-long reward.
Series: Alfred's Basic Guitar Library
Author: Alfred d'Auberge, Morton Manus
Instrument: Guitar
Format: Book
Page Count: 40
Item Number: 00-310
ISBN 10: 0-7390-1759-4
ISBN 13: 978-0-7390-1759-3
UPC: 038081026749
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32551 Improve your musical abilities and guitar skills with this fantastic book.