Step-Up & Intermediate Instruments


Heid Music is here to help you make the most of your entire musical journey, and high quality Step-Up Instruments (also called Intermediate Instruments) from our premier brands are a pivotal step in that journey.

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As a musicians' skills become more advanced, their instruments need to do the same.  Step-Up Instruments are designed with the professional features an advancing player needs, but on an instrument that can be purchased at a manageable price. These instruments are an ideal choice for progressing young students in need of an instrument that can meet their developing needs through high school and, often, through college.

We have also found the professional attributes of Step-Up Instruments make them a great choice for advanced part-time or hobby musicians - the right fit for local professionals in regional ensembles or community bands.

Immediate Benefits of Stepping Up:

  • Improved Intonation - Step-Up & Pro instruments are finely tuned by our Heid Music Repair Team to meet the advancing technical demands of the active musician.
  • Improved Response & Playability - Refined engineering & craftsmanship combine with the musician's advancing technique for a more enjoyable playing experience.
  • Improved Tone - Through better materials and craftsmanship, the science of sound is applied to instruments to create better tone.

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