Vintage_Heid_Appleton[1]The Heid Family Foundation is a love story of music and family. It started when Peter Heid, who grew up loving music met the love of his life Margaret Wynboom in 1940. They married in the midst of the WWII turmoil and Peter played in the army band. In 1943, he and Margaret had the first of 4 boys. The move back to Appleton came in 1945 and in February, 1948 they started Heid Music.

When he first started in the music business, he and his partner, Buck Jensen were completely immersed from beginning to end with the local music makers. They taught many music programs in the Appleton area in addition to working retail. As Peter grew the business, had children and grandchildren join in, he wanted to leave a legacy.

The Heid Family Foundation began in December 1984, to allow Peter and the Heid Family to give back to the local and global community. He has helped a variety of people experience the gift of music. His love of helping others in need fulfill their musical dreams lives on with the foundation today and for future generations.