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Heid Music is proud to announce the winner of the annual Teacher of the Year award: Dr. Steven Schani of Oshkosh, WI.

Every year, students from all five of the Heid Music locations have an opportunity to show their appreciation for their personal music educator through nominations for Teacher of the Year. With direction from the Education Administrator – Michael Pittman, Heid Music reads through numerous commendations and determines who out of the many teachers wins the coveted Teacher of the Year custom bobble head.


When surveyed, one student stated, “Dr. Schani encourages us (relentlessly) to stretch and focus on the big picture, so we don’t get discouraged if we’re not playing perfectly right away.” Another student said, “Dr. Schani helped us to come out of our shells and we can hear how much better we play and sound, thanks to his energy and encouragement.” When asked about words that describe Dr. Schani as a teacher, students used the words “Inspirational”, “Judicious”, and “Enthusiastic.”


Dr. Schani was overwhelmed with joy when he was told of his Teacher of the Year award, and the incredible statements his students shared with their nominations. Amidst his light-hearted banter, Dr. Schani shared his appreciation for his students and why he is so dedicated to his profession. “The reason I teach is because I would like to encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a happier, heathier person to be so. The way I do that is through teaching an instrument. (Music) is also a way of connecting more with people and communicating. I like to teach people to learn those skills … to better talk to people, to better listen to people and to feel comfortable.”


Dr. Steven Schani is a prolific musician and shared his talent while being interviewed for his award. He was awarded his Doctorate of Musical Arts degree from the University of Kansas City Conservatory of Music, and his major instruments are Viola/Violin. Dr. Schani teaches all styles of string music at the Heid Music Green Bay and Oshkosh locations. His major emphasis is in alternative genres such as Celtic, Fiddle, Jazz and Rock. Dr. Schani has recorded numerous CDs, has published arrangements, created original compositions for violin and viola in both classical and alternative styles, as well as performing in numerous symphonies and events across the state of Wisconsin. He is an exemplary music educator that shows the pride Heid Music takes in those that are chosen as a partner for the hundreds of students who take lessons at all five locations on a weekly basis.


Dr. Steven Schani has so obviously made a tremendous impact on the lives of those he teaches by understanding the perspective of his students and modifying his teaching style to better connect with their musical tastes on a personal level. By doing this, Dr. Schani is teaching basic musical skills in a fun way that will positively impact each lesson experience and also helps students better develop their own unique musical expression. Gone are the days of music lesson drudgery!  

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