We've been your trusted partner in music education since 1948.

Generations have relied on us as their all-things-musical resource, from music teachers and directors to aspiring musicians.

No matter your calling, we have been privileged to play a key role in your musical journey.

As we embark on our 70th anniversary in 2018, we're thanking you for making the past seven decades possible. And for filling it with so many memorable highlights.

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Heid Music: A Journey Through Time


It all began in 1948.

Peter "Duke" Heid, a musician himself, had a curved saxophone in-hand, a 12-foot storefront and a dream.

That dream became reality when he founded Heid Music in Appleton, along with Gerald "Buck" Jensen — both veterans of the U.S. Army Band.

From that little storefront, Heid Music started bringing music to schools, communities and local musicians.

Seventy years later, that dream is alive and well. And while our homegrown Heid Music brand has changed on my levels, our mission to bring music and music education to our communities remains steadfast. Learn more about the Heid Music story.

Looking Back in Time

Looking back at our history, life in 1948 was very different. And it gives us a greater appreciation of our history, how far we've come and the successes you have helped us achieve as a small music retailer in Wisconsin.


1948 Factoids

The first prefab houses began to appear to help solve housing shortages in post-war America.

The Cold War took a new turn when the Soviet Union blockaded West Berlin in German.

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in New Delhi.

The Berlin Airlift enabled food, water and medicine to be transported into Soviet-occupied West Berlin.

It was the first year for:

  • Scrabble board game
  • Porsche 356 cars road certified
  • NASCAR is officially incorporated

Technology advanced and gave us things like:

  • Velcro
  • The transistor radio
  • Polaroid cameras ($89.75 retail price)
  • TVs in one million households (and growing)

The bikini grew in popularity with other “daring” fashions for the times.

The No.1 movie was "The Red Shoes," which grossed $5 million at the box office.

The hit single that year was "Twelfth Street Ray" by Pee Wee Hunt

Average prices were very different by today's standards: 

  • New houses averaged $7,700
  • A gallon of gas cost $0.16 on average
  • A movie ticket could have been purchased for $0.60

Say "Happy Birthday" Your Way

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Heid 'n Seek

It's a simple game of hide 'n seek but with a Heid Music twist!
Each month, February through December, Heid Music is tagging an item in-store with a Heid 'n Seek sticker and challenging the public to find the product.
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