6 Sonatinas, Op 36 (Clementi)

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6 Sonatinas Op 36
6 Sonatinas Op 36


Towards the end of the 18th century, Clementi increasingly advocated the piano as the successor to the harpsichord. He composed expressly for the new instrument and in 1801 published a piano school. His interest in teaching is also shown by the “Six progressive Sonatinas” op.36 – six sonatinas in ascending order of difficulty, which are still extremely popular with today's piano teachers. This Urtext edition follows the long established practice of using the musical text of the first edition from 1797. Clementi's original fingering, which is surprisingly modern, has been included throughout the work.

Series: Henle Music Folios
Publisher: Henle Urtext Edition
Format: Softcover
Composer: Muzio Clementi
Editor: Ernst-Günter Heinemann
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238HE Next to 25 complete sonatas in the Appendix, Volume I also contains five single pieces (that had perhaps once been planned as sonatas), and the beginnings of seven lost sonatas. Hal Leonard


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51480178 Textual differences between the first printed edition and the autograph are so severe that the editor of this Henle Urtext edition has chosen to adopt both the richer dynamic markings of the latter (presented in small print) and the more sumptuous ornamentation from the first edition of the slow movement (in the main text; the plainer autograph version is offered there as an “ossia”). Hal Leonard


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