6 Sonatas for Violin by G.F. Handel (Vol. 2)

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6 Sonatas Cover
6 Sonatas Cover


George Frideric Handel was an influential composer of the Baroque era. Despite originally being from Germany, Handel is best known as an English composer, as he spent the majority of his career living in Britain. Handel's love of English music and culture went so far that he even anglicized his name to blend in, changing his German "Georg" to the English "George" and "Händel" to "Handel". During his career, Handel composed a number of sontatas for violin. International Music has taken 6 of Handel's violin sonatas and split them into 2 volumes. In volume 2, they have included 3 sonatas: the D Major, A Major, and E Major sonatas. 

Instrumentation: Violin and Piano

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