1996 Yamaha M500QA Console Piano - Cherry

sku# T192706
1996 Yamaha M500QA Cherry
1996 Yamaha M500QA Cherry
  • 1996 Yamaha M500QA Cherry
  • 1996 Yamaha M500QA Cherry
  • 1996 Yamaha M500QA Cherry
  • 1996 Yamaha M500QA Cherry


Used in a residential home, this piece would be welcome in a multitude of environments or settings. Its tone is very bright and suited for players of all ages and playing levels. The cabinetry is Queen Ann French in style with a light cherry wood finish. Includes matching bench. Currently on holiday rebate for $2,199.00 through January 4th!
  • Serial Number –T192706
  • Model – M500QA
  • Made in 1996
  • Built in Thomaston, GA
  • Bench Included – Cherry Finish with Queen Ann French styling
  • Technician Inspected, Tuned, and Ready to Move

Currently in Heid Music’s Green Bay location, talk with our piano specialist for more details!


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