12" Toca Djembe Freestyle (Bali Red)

sku# DSFDJ12RP
12" Toca Djembe Freestyle
12" Toca Djembe Freestyle


The Toca Synergy Freestyle Djembe is extremely lightweight, durable, and has great sound, making it perfect for drum circles and kids of all ages. 
Made of tough yet surprisingly musical PVC with a wrapped finish and a traditional goatskin head, the hand drum offers all the landmark tonal qualities of traditional wooden djembes. From resonant bass tones to penetrating slaps, this drum speaks in many tones and functions well in many settings. It has a traditional rope tuning system.
Take your Toca Freestyle Djembe anywhere from beaches to deserts to mountain tops. Don't let the weight of traditional djembes drag you down. Toca includes a handbook with tuning and maintenance tips plus practice exercises for your Synergy Djembe.


  • Lightweight, durable, and great sounding
  • Made of tough yet surprisingly musical PVC
  • Goatskin head
  • Rope tuning
  • Includes handbook with tuning and maintenance tips, plus practice exercises
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