12-Bar Blues: The Complete Guide for Guitar

sku# 00695187
12 Bar Blues 00695187
12 Bar Blues 00695187


Dave Rubin
The term “12-bar blues” has become synonymous with blues music and is the basis for an incredible body of jazz, rock 'n' roll, and other forms of popular music. This book with online audio is solely devoted to providing guitarists with all the technical tools necessary for playing 12-bar blues with authority. The audio includes 24 full-band tracks. Covers: boogie, shuffle, swing, riff, and jazzy blues progressions; Chicago, minor, slow, bebop, and other blues styles; soloing, intros, turnarounds, accompanying keyboards and more. In standard notation and tablature.
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ISBN: 9780793581818
UPC: 073999951875
64 pages
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