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January 2013 Teacher Spotlight


Craig Hanna - Drum Teacher, Heid Music Green Bay

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Craig has more than 20 years playing experience and 10 years teaching professionally. He has played and toured across the country sharing the stage with bands such as the Goo Goo Dolls, Buckcherry, Jet and Tonic. Aside from rock he teaches all other styles and levels from beginner to advanced on snare and drumset. So if you looking to get started or get to an advanced level, Craig is currently accepting students.

What was the first concert you attended?

Tell us something unique about yourself.
I originally was more fascinated with guitar than I was with the drums, but drums just felt more natural to me.

Have you ever had the desire to learn another instrument?
I did, but I think now I would probably go with piano.

What makes you a great teacher?
Patience, and a passion to really see my students well with whatever it is they are looking to better themselves on.

Where would your ideal tour take place?

What's your favorite band?
Wow, tough question.  If I really had to narrow it down, Led Zeppelin.

What is the best tip you can give to a beginning musician/drummer?
Have fun and dont take yourself too seriously; take what it is that you do seriously.