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August Teacher Spotlight

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Bob Kozmoski - Guitar Teacher, Heid Music Wisconsin Rapids

Tell us about your studio: I like teaching music with a theory background.  I believe teaching is the process of showing somebody something new based on something they already know.  In other words finding a starting point they can relate to.  The mechanics of playing need to be taught, how to hold your hand, posture, picking etc..  These need to be taught, that is why you need a teacher to observe your technique & progress.  These are things you might not be able to teach yourself.  On a more advanced level students should learn the major scale, Yup! Do Re Mi Fa etc.. I teach the major scale is zero in music, it is our reference point.  Everything you even learn in music will be compared to a major scale.  You will categorize things by saying “Oh that’s the same as the major scale” or “That’s different then the major scale”. You now have a way of filing everything you learn.  That’s why I call Do Re Mi… zero.

What is your favorite part about teaching?  Seeing my students grow & fall in love with music.  Some have gone on to be teachers & players in bands.

What is your best tip for beginners?  Practice a little bit everyday or else practice a lot a couple times a week.  It’s important to learn as many different styles as possible, for instance Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues & Classical.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  Right now I’m working on a Garden Railroad.  As for hobbies go, I would say I’m primarily interested in “Building Stuff”.  To build everything I have in my mind I’dhave to live to be 250 years old!!  Which reminds me of my musical antidotes.  “I’d like to play like Joe Satriani”  but I’d have to be 250 to do it!!, & still I wouldn’t be able to play like Joe.  There’s a theory that Bach was not only a musical genius but he had great hand coordination.  In other words his physical mechanical abilities to play the piano is very seldom matched by other human beings.  Another interesting corollary of mechanics is you can only compose something that you are mechanically capable of playing.  Now a days modern technology might start proving this incorrect.  As an example, a computer will allow anyone to record in “Real Time” but playback faster then they are mechanically capable of.  Which brings me to another interesting thought.  How fast do you have to play a given note before it is perceived as a single long note?  Drummers should be familiar with this idea as they play a “Press Roll” & the single beats become one continuous sound.  Anyway back to "Garden Railroads” the latest dimension that’s been added to Garden Railroads Trains is SOUND!  On board digital sound module allow you to have Horns, whistles, Chugging, the sound of steam escaping, couplers banging.  It’s a whole new world of Industrial Music.  Unfortunately I just found out that the sound module I want to add to my engine would cost around $300.00.  Isn’t technology great!?!