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August 2013 Teacher Spotlight

Maggie Hendrick
Piano Teacher, Heid Music Appleton

MaggieHClick for video introduction
Maggie has taught piano since earning her B.A. in Music (with an emphasis in Piano Pedagogy) and has been at Heid’s since 2006.  You can find out more about Maggie's studio at:



What makes you a great teacher?

I’m very even-tempered, easy-going and patient; I’m a very non-threatening grown-up, so I think students are generally a fan of that.  I make an effort to point out and celebrate student achievements – I try to do this in each lesson as well as formally at the end of the school year.  Also, I LOVE music theory – I sneak it in and apply it while at the piano whenever possible, hoping it will be less intimidating once we reinforce it in the workbooks!

If you could master another instrument, which would you choose and why?                          

Oh, I can’t just pick one!  Here are my TOP three:

1)      Voice – it’s the most convenient and social instrument… I’ve always wished I could sing well!

2)      Drums – it would just be fun to be that noisy and have all your limbs going!  Animal has always been my favorite Muppet, and that’s what he plays.  I’ve never tried them!

3)      Bass Guitar – I’ve always loved this instrument and it’s what I focus on when I see a band live.  I tried it for a bit a long time ago, so I know only a few basics.

For about 20+ years of my life, my Dad performed in a country band every weekend.  So these instruments were also a huge part of my exposure to music as a kid.

What do you like best about teaching?

Each day I give students encouragement that invites them to “play”… how cool is that?  Ok, so they might be hearing me say, “practice,” but it’s the same thing, right? 

I love working one-on-one with kids.  I love giving students the tools to use music as source for relaxation and everything else that it is.  I love being a part of helping them build confidence in themselves and take pride in what they are doing. 

I love teaching music because you will never run out of opportunities for growth and exploration.

What was the most valuable advice you ever received as a musician?                    

I have another top three:

1)      Rhythm first – count out loud, in your head, on your fingers… just learn to count! 

2)      “Practice does not make perfect.  Only perfect practice makes perfect.”  This is a Vince Lombardi quote that one of my high school band directors would say frequently.  I’ve used this quite a bit and it’s so true – being intentional and thorough (and slow at first) will get you where you want to be a lot faster, and it will instill a lot of patience along the way! 

3)      THEN, repeat. 

Tell us something unique about yourself.

I own a business, called Bobblicious, where I take custom orders and make bobbleheads for and of regular people.  I have made well over 100 of them so far!