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April Teacher Spotlight


Katie Denure-Heid Music Appleton

kdenureKatie DeNure teaches guitar and voice in a wide range of styles and is also a songwriter and singer. Other instruments that Katie plays include the flute, Irish Penny Whistles, and the piano. Katie teaches acoustic as well as electric styles and is accepting students 8 years old and up. In addition to her musical abilities, Katie is also a fluent Spanish speaker and is a certified teacher in Bilingual/ELL and Regular Education.

Katie DeNure es una maestra de guitarra y es una cantante de varios estilos. Katie enseña lecciones de la guitarra acústica y la eléctrica y está aceptando estudiantes que tiene 8 años o más. También, Katie puede cantar en varios estilos, tocar la flauta, las flautas irlandesas y el piano. In adición de sus destrezas musicales, ella es fluente en español y es una maestra bilingüe.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of music? 
I love to run or be active outdoors, and I also enjoy volunteering at church.

Tell us why you love teaching
I started to teach when I was in my early teens as a martial arts instructor. I realized that I enjoyed teaching and decided to pursue a career in education. I currently teach Bilingual Literacy in a Public School grades 6-8. I love to teach because I love to learn. My students teach me more than they realize, and I enjoy that particular aspect of the classroom.

What is your favorite musical moment in your career? 
I feel most at home and most like myself when I'm playing or leading worship in my church. Everytime I get to play at church is my favorite "musical moment".

Tell us about your group lessons
Last fall I launched a group lesson model that pairs students of similar abilities. I wanted to make lessons more accessible to others that wanted to take lessons but didn't necessarily have the funds or an abundance of time. It's great for families with siblings because they are able to take lessons together. I even have a few parents that take lessons with their children, which makes it a fun family activity. Paired with the group lessons is an online component that contains virtual guitar lessons. The students can learn new songs and musical concepts on their own, or they can review concepts taught in class at their own pace.

What one parent said about Katie
"My daughter has taken guitar lessons with Katie DeNure for 2 years and it has been a blessing. Katie is extremely professional and very talented. But most importantly, Katie is an excellent example for my daughter—I am glad that my daughter is able to glean life lessons and guitar knowledge from Katie. My daughter’s love for music and the guitar has grown considerably in her time learning with Katie." 
- Kris Petsche

What one student said about Katie
"Katie has been very influential in my life. Before I met her, I played my music to simply entertain others, and sometimes to impress them. Now, because of her, music means much more to me. I play music for the Lord. It's my gift to Him, because he has blessed me so much." 
- Morgan Vandeyacht