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April 2015 Teacher Spotlight

Andrea Z.
Heid Music Appleton - Piano

Heid_1Music has always been Andrea's greatest passion and is the reason why she studied instrumental music education and piano performance at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.  She was fortunate to have many solo, ensemble, and conducting experiences.  Her love for teaching really took off in 2012 when she started giving private lessons.  Getting to know her students makes her very happy and has helped her find the best way to teach each one as an individual. 

Andrea is a strong believer in music literacy and aural training.  A strong foundation sets every student up for success.  Her students will improve their note/rhythm reading as well as aural dictation skills through theory lessons and their repertoire.  As soon as the notes and rhythms are down, one is able to get at the heart of making music: expression.  Andrea cannot wait to start an awesome musical journey with all of you!

What makes you a great teacher?Heid_3

Everyone learns a little differently and I make it a point to really get to know my students' best learning style.  Because I have a strong performing background, I feel I demonstrate very well and know how to help students through the performance process.  I do not give up easily, which is a life lesson I learned through music lessons that I pass on to my students. 

If you could master another musical instrument, which would you choose and why?

For a long time I’ve wanted to take guitar lessons because I think it’s a beautiful instrument and I can sing and play it at the same time.  For a while, a dream of mine was to play guitar and sing in a café somewhere in Europe.  Maybe someday that dream will come true!

Heid_2If you could live in another country, where would you go and why?

I would love to live in France because I studied the language and am interested by the culture.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

More often than not I try to get together with my friends but otherwise I love to read and catch up on my favorite TV shows.  Recently I’ve really gotten into Zumba classes and one day hope to be an instructor.  I’m a huge Packer fan so my Sundays in the fall revolve around their schedule.  Go Pack, Go!!

Tell us something unique about you.

People may not realize it by looking at me, but I am a fairly athletic person.  I played basketball, softball, soccer, and volleyball growing up and I still play volleyball to this day!  Though I’m not trained, I also love to dance and was on the dance team for two years in high school.