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Deep Sea Bass Guitar?

Published April 1st, 2013 / Congressional Press Association

Former GE Chairman Jack Welch famously noted that in business, you should “change before you have to.” Heid Music’s Todd Heid seems to think it’s time for a change…a sea change.

“It’s actually a funny story,” explains Heid, President of Heid Music, Co.  “I was driving in my car one day, listening to Little River Band, and “Cool Change” came on.  And it just hit me.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner.”

The ‘cool change’ to which Heid is referring is Heid Music Co.’s recent announcement that they will be expanding their business to incorporate full service fresh fish markets at every location.  Appleton and Green Bay stores will be fully operational by years’ end, with plans to have the Oshkosh, Madison, and Wisconsin Rapids locations ready to roll for summer 2014.


The announcement comes on the heels of a recent survey by nautical audiophile publication Reel-to-Reel which found that nearly 87% of musicians have, on at least one occasion, dined at a Red Lobster.

“The facts don’t lie,” continued Heid, “And it’s a segment of our customer base that’s been sorely overlooked for too long. Musicians eat fish, and now they can eat fresh fish from Heid Music. “

Reaction from employees of Heid Music has been overwhelmingly positive.

“When Todd sat me down and told me about this, I thought to myself ‘This isn’t a good idea.  It’s a brilliant idea,’” says Heid Music Director of Sales Sean Wardall.  He goes on, “I never in a million years thought I’d be able to buy a guitar strap and a nice piece of salmon in one place, and now I can.  And that’s something special.”

When reached for comment, Heid Music Oshkosh Store Manager Kristin Masarik, responded to the news by simply shouting “Holy Mackerel!” -  a response quickly echoed by her team.  Senior Repair Technician Robert Asman (while initially skeptical) is cautiously optimistic that this new development may help him realize his lifelong dream of meeting the Gorton’s Fisherman.

“What a wonderful day that would be,” says Asman.

A voyage into uncharted waters for sure, Todd Heid is quietly confident that this exciting venture, while new to music retail, is not without precedent.

“How often are you at a restaurant, and the waiter asks ‘Do you want fries with that?’ Now at Heid Music, when you grab a fish filet, we can ask ‘Do you want cork grease with that?”  And I think our customers do.  Our customers want cork grease with that.”

Do they? Only time will tell, Captain Heid.

-Barry Renonowitz, Congressional Press Association