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American Plating & Manufacturing (APM)

American Plating & Manufacturing (APM) was established in 1902. It has made instrument accessories for more than 100 years and has a long-standing reputation for making quality products.

APM 332N Clarinet Ligature

APM 332N Clarinet Ligature (Nickel)

$6.99 $4.80

Humes and Berg Trumpet Straight Mute 101 Humes & Berg

Humes & Berg Stonelined Trumpet Straight Mute 101

$26.00 $15.99

APM 517G Marching Saxophone Sax Lyre

APM 517G Alto/Tenor Saxophone Lyre (Gold Brass)

$4.98 $4.98

APM 500 500LG Tuba Sousaphone and Baritone Lyre

APM 500LG Tuba/Sousaphone/Baritone Lyre (Gold Brass)


APM 501 501G Bent Stem Trumpet Lyre

APM 501G Bent Stem Trumpet Lyre (Gold Brass)


APM 506N 506 Marching Clarinet Lyre

APM 506N Clarinet Lyre (Nickel)

$6.85 $6.85

APM 514 514G 2 Piece trombone marching lyre

APM 514G Trombone Lyre (2-Piece Gold Brass)