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Celebrate Music in Our Schools Month with the Big 10 Giveaway!

You could win your school one of 10 awesome prizes! Just snap a photo that shows what your music program means to you & upload it to our Contest Page. Then get all your friends to vote! The Top 10 schools with the most votes accumulated will each win a prize!


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Public School

Junior High

Howards Grove
High School

Middle School

Aldo Leopold
Community School

Sheboygan North




1. Manitowoc Lincoln High School
2. Appleton East High School
3. Omro High School
4. Seton Catholic Middle School
5. Washington Junior High School
6. Kiel Middle School


1. Manitowoc Lincoln High School
2. Adams-Friendship Cadet Band
3. Sevastapol Music Department
4. Howard-Suamico Orchestra
5. Appleton East High School Band
Washington Junior High School
7. Green Bay Southwest Music Program

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Lincoln High School Band :) I love making great music here and being a part of something that is so amazing. Great music and great friends, what more could you ask for? - Bailey, Manitowoc Lincoln 



The Lombardi Middle School Music Department has many ways to learn to love music; Band, Choir, Orchestra, General Music, Adaptive Music and Rockin', Strummin', Plunkin' and Drummin'. Throughout our many classes we have well over half the school population making and learning about music. The staff and students at Lombardi love music and would like your support! 
Joe, Lombardi Middle School


Omro Band is the best because we all work together to achieve the maximum potential of getting better. We participate in many events to support students, parents, & all of Omro. We also adapt to the new surroundings of a band director, which we dearly love. - Caitlyn, Omro High School 



Music changed my life in a lot of ways. Having grown up in Appleton, Heid Music had a hand in that. A big hand. Having relocated right next door to Adams-Friendship, the kids in this program are the future leaders of the community around me and it's obviously more than a Music Class. They're already winning and it's great to see Heid Music is still doing what they were doing when I was in junior high: putting beautiful music into the world, one kid and one instrument at a time. - Scott, Adams-Friendship

Appleton East Band has given me opportunities that I'd never even imagined, and it's only my second year with Mrs. LaFleur. It's important to keep music in our schools because not only does it open up opportunities that no other classes can, but the parades, pep band, and concerts matter to community members outside the school, too. We deserve music--we deserve our band. - Wes, Appleton East 



Sevastopol Rocks! We have the greatest music department ever! Good luck! Thank you HEID - we appreciate what you are doing! Go Pioneers! - John, Sevastopol High School

Washington Juinor High School Band: great times and ever greater music. We have the best times and we'll except anyone and everyone!! Having band here makes me want to continue with my musical education! PROUD TO BE APART OF IT!! - Kersten, Washington Junior High



Audrey Nowak, the orchestra instructor in the Howard-Suamico School District dedicates her life to teaching music. In addition to countless hours in the classroom and on the stage, she has been TEACHING THE STAFF to play the violin on the side! YES! She has 30 dedicated adult students who are all members of the teaching and support staff in the district. Some of us have never picked up a musical instrument in our lives. We meet on Monday afternoons and practice our Goody-Goody-Stop-Stops to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle. She is an energetic, funny, talented, and inspiring teacher to the whole community and deserves this prize!
- Krista, Howard Suamico Orchestra

KALEIDOSCOPE ACADEMY/ROOSEVELT MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND in Appleton helps our kids learn and explore music which in turn helps them to become creative and confident children! Great job to the band director!!! - Paula, Kaleidoscope Academy

New Hope has done AMAZING things in my life and now I'm Majoring in Music. Please help New Hope to influence lives by adding to the music program! :D Thank you New Hope! you deserve it! - James, New Hope


Choose the Appleton East High School Band! We have it all! We have the jazz bands, marching bands, pep bands, pit orchestras, and flash mobs. We've appeared all over including the national 4th of July parade in Washington D.C. With 4 concert bands we are now splitting up our concerts into two nights to accommodate the numbers and length.

Why music in our schools? Music classes are directly correlated with the success of students in all areas of academic study. Our music classes provide a place to bond with all other students. Music is alive and well here at east with 200 strong and our numbers only rise!
-Jacqui, Appleton East